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We help your business in achieving the sustainability goals. Be it employees engagement, impact marketing or a CSR initiative, we find the best solution for your business to make a positive impact.



We listen, we understand and provide tailor-made solution to suit your business to make an impact. 



Marketing your product with trees will increase your brand affinity as more customers nowadays prefer brands which are environment friendly.

You can contribute to the reforestation movement by pledging to plant a certain number of trees for every product or services sold.


Connecting with nature via planting trees is the best way to get your employees engage positively. It is fun, refreshing and a real impact.


The touch of earth and the company of trees rejuvenates one's spirit, heals the body & mind, brings out enthusiasm and enhances efficiency.



Sponsor a forest or a lake rejuvenating project under the CSR initiative and also contribute to UN SDGS goals. 

Whether you are a single office company or a multinational we are sure to have a program that can suit your specific objectives.


Write to us to know more about it at


Hydragreens Foundation is a non-profit organisation. All donation are exempted under 80(G).

Your contribution can help us accelerate our work in a big way.



Our work directly contributes to the achievement of all  the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially the following ones:

Forests restoration is the one of the best means to raise an entire communities out of poverty.

Sustainable agriculture & forest farm approach helps improve nutritious & healthy food.

Empowering women through training and providing employment and helping open micro-enterprises such as nurseries.

Forests play a significant role in soil filtration, aquifer recharge, cloud formation and rainfall. Revival of fresh water bodies also ensures clean & healthy water.

Millions of people rely on forest for their source of incomes. Direct and indirect incomes generated through forest especially in rural areas has significant impact on economies.

Trees provide a balanced and a healthy living environment to our cities. Fresh air, water and healthy food are all key ingredients of a prosperous society.

Trees are the best technology for storing & extracting carbon and pollutant from the environment and cooling our planet. Increased rainfall, bio-diversity also improves well-being of the planet.

Healthy forests = Healthy lifeforms. Forests revives, thrives, regulates life like no other. Deseterification, land degradation are all checked through reforestation.

Environment is well managed when different agencies join hands.Together with scientists, government agencies, private organisation and local community we make an impact.

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