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Nothing creates life like water. Without water lands are dessert and existence is impossible. 


Over the years, due to insensitive exploitation of natural resources, weather conditions have become extreme. Rainfalls have become unpredictable and erratic with huge downpours and flash floods on the one hand and extreme droughts on the other. Groundwater is depleting,  water bodies are either contaminated or are drying up . Water table is going down; we are digging down even deeper!


Result? .......




We talk about increase in CO2 or the lack of vegetation as the cause of current environmental problems.  But we do not realize that it is the most fundamental and undermined element of nature, the water which is where we need to look first. Because without water, even trees cannot happen.


The water cycle is disturbed badly. The process of evaporation, condensation and rainfall happens but absorption does not take place. This missing link in the chain has greatly weakened and somewhere even broken the chain. As a result, there are fewer rains, draughts, flash floods, and no groundwater.


Thus, We at HydraGreens believe in planting the rains. We call it RAIN FARMING. Through various watershed management techniques we harvest rains, we cultivate them. We make sure that we store as much rains as possible both in the ground and on the surface.  We work to revive the existing water bodies both through direct interventions and indirect techniques as they form the biggest natural reservoir of water on the surface. We ensure that rains do not become run-offs and wash off into drains but seep into the ground, deeper and deeper. This in turn, charges our underground reserves, supplying water to our rivers and lakes even during the dry seasons.

We invite you to join hands with us in this integrated approach of setting our environment and thereby our living conditions right. Because we might survive the poisonous air but NO ONE CAN SURVIVE THE THIRST! 

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