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Cities have become smoke chambers, soil has become toxic and water is impure, all because we forgot to create a place in our lifestyles for our Life Creators & Maintainers - TREES.


The time has come that we as Individuals, Organisation or Govt. create  Nature Zones  called STZs (Special Tree Zones) where Native Trees are protected and we can experience a breath of fresh and clean air. We can fight the menace of pollution- Land, air & water if we all create a small space for Trees Zones instead of just grasses in our parks, compounds & work areas. 


STZs (SPECIAL TREE ZONES) do not require huge piece of land. A small patch of even 100 sqm with cluster of Trees planted closely together can provide all the ecological services that we need for a healthy & happy living. STZs are the solutions for preserving urban bio-diversities and natural legacy.These native tree zones can be created anywhere & everywhere. Around human habitats, road & parks or in someone's backyard too protecting urban environment.

There are means to create sustainable urban greenery and we have the right knack for it, so that healthy living becomes the new mark for developed cities. Green belts & ribbons, forestscaped parks, greenwalkways, green communities, green roadways are some of the ways we employ for a happy city.


Trees Make Earth Livable



Environment consists of everything that makes Human life possible- Water, Air, Land , Climate etc. And Trees Fix & Regulate them all.

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